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Which One is Right?”  {The KJV vs. the Pre-Trib Rapture}

by Pastor Matt Furse  (325 pages)  Over 230 footnotes of documentation!

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Which One is Right?  By Matt Furse

The King James Bible vs. the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Which One is Right?  The answer to that question should be obvious– the Bible is always right!  However, the false doctrine of the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” has been so thoroughly engrained into the minds of sincere Christians today, that one even wonders if sound evidence from the Bible will persuade them! Which One is Right?

Matt Furse is the Pastor of Mountainview Baptist Church in Custer, South Dakota. The Church’s web address is

Pastor Matt Furse picks up right where he left off in his first book— “Who is Israel?”, and explains with his simple, easy-to-understand writing style, just WHY he cannot believe in the popular, “Pre-Trib” Eschatology of our day. Using only the Bible as his “Final Authority”, Matt Furse dissects the false doctrines of Pre-Tribulationalism, and with sound, irrefutable evidence, exposes the hypocrisies, therein. Once you’ve read this book, you too, will know — Which One is Right!

(This book contains 325 pages, with over 230 footnotes of documentation)

“What, in real practice, is the final authority in all matters of faith and practice in your life? Is it systematic theology? Is it your alma mater? Is it your denomination or camp? Is it your pastor? Is it your church’s doctrinal statement? Is it a pet position? Is it today’s popular teachers? Is it Dispensationalism? Or, is it truly the Word of God?” For those that believe the KJV is the inspired, inerrant, preserved Word of God in the English language, this book will test the mettle and integrity of your conviction. For those who have been taught, and perhaps “parrot” a particular form of systematic theology, this book will challenge you. It defies what has now been the majority position of the last 100 years. All of the good men quoted in this book, who are saved and love the Lord, couldn’t be wrong, right? I challenge you to let the Bible be the final judge of that. Let God be true, and every man a liar.” – Pastor Scott Clem

Matt’s Other Book

Who Is Israel?

The Christian community is divided over this question. Modern Bible versions have muddied the waters. For decades, seminaries have unwittingly led their students astray. Pastors are confused. People are misguided. The end is near, and many are unprepared.
In this hard-hitting treatise Pastor Matt Furse explains how the “theology train” got off the track, what this false doctrine is doing to our country, and what the Bible-believer needs to be prepared for in the days ahead.

Eschatology cannot be rightly divided until Israel is properly defined.

Who is Israel? Do you know? Are your sure?

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